This could be one of the most important letters you ever read.

On a beautiful late spring afternoon, twenty-five years ago, two young men graduated from the same college. They were very much alike, these two young men.

Both had been better than average students, both were personable and both -– as young college graduates are -- were filled with ambitious dreams for a wonderful life and a highly successful future.

Recently, these two men returned to their college for their 25th reunion.

Their lives were no longer at all alike. One of these men was very happily married for the past 20 years. While the 2nd had been divorced twice… and was now on his third marriage which was not in the greatest shape… his children were constantly in trouble. He had gone through a series of addictions over the years… he was heavily in debt and not able to keep up with his bills.

Both men, it turned out, had gone to work for the same large Midwestern manufacturing company right after graduation, and were still there.

The second man was now manager of a small department of that company. The first man was its president.

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in people's lives? It isn't always a native intelligence or talent or dedication. It isn't that one person wants happiness and success and the other doesn't.

Just Imagine This...

Close your eyes for a minute… and think about YOUR LIFE up to this point. And think about every part of your life as it exists right now.

Is there anything about your life… that you are not totally happy with… totally fulfilled with?

Are you where you want to be, and totally satisfied, with every single part of your life?

Is there anything about your life, about your situation, your success, your financial condition… your relationships that you wish you could change… or have turn out differently?

Well, NLP has the power to help you change any part of your life to match your vision… your desires… and to achieve total success and happiness.

"Now You Can Master The Same NLP Success Techniques That Many Fortune 100 Companies, Self-Made Millionaires, And Legends Have Been Using For Over 30 Years"

Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, and Bill Gates (and hundreds of thousands of others) have all used NLP success strategies to achieve consistent results most of us can only dream of.

Before now this information has only been available to people who signed up for live seminars that often cost up to $3,000-$4,000 per seat

(which doesn't include the added costs of travel and hotel expenses)

By learning NLP and understanding the methods of top achievers you have the power to:

Produce the specific results you desire in your life on a consistent basis.

If you want to have more choices about your behavior and emotions, to improve your relationships and the way you communicate, and create better results, then NLP can provide you with a step-by-step path for achieving all this and more.

Not just for the short term, but lasting transformation, which will stay with you for your entire life.

NLP is the comprehensive training that covers many proven strategies you may be missing in your path to success. For over thirty years, people just like you have been using these success techniques in many areas of life including business, relationships, career, fitness, motivation, and the list goes on...

  • If you are a parent: You will learn how to help your children grow and learn faster while enjoying the process.
  • If you are a therapist, coach or educator: You will learn how to help your clients make massive shifts in fewer sessions.
  • If you are a business owner or manager: You will be able to overcome the hurdles which prevent you from taking your business to the next level, and transform your team into a motivated group.
  • If you are an employee: You will learn how to stay motivated, gain control over your mind in a difficult situation, and communicate with your coworkers.
  • If you are a salesperson: You will learn how to communicate effectively with your clients, and make them like and trust you.

What Do You Want In Life?
Your Wish Is NLP's Command

Financial success?, Getting into great physical shape?, increasing confidence?, stopping bad habits?, nix a smoking addiction?, create a wealth-attracting mindset?, better relationships?… and much, much more.

  • Greater self-confidence
  • Success attracting mindset
  • Wealth attraction
  • Greater motivation
  • Love and relationships… and attracting the right relationship
  • Lose weight and quit smoking
  • Increase Your Wealth, Health & Overall Happiness

By learning NLP and understanding
the method of top achievers you are able to:

  • Quickly Motivate Yourself and Others For Success
  • Transform Your Body to its Peak Condition
  • Communicate Effectively With Clients and Colleagues
  • Become an Expert Negotiator and Get What You Want
  • Attract Vibrant Relationships With Ease
  • Make Buyers Beg You to Sell Them Your Product
  • Naturally enhance your personal confidence
  • instantly boost your motivation

Whether it is in business, for sales, management, communication, or coaching, as well as teaching, sports, therapy, and personal growth, motivation, ambition, and happiness

Do Exactly What The Super Achievers Do
Program Your Mind For Success
And You Can Do It Now


This program that has been acknowledged as one of the most effective courses for learning NLP and you can start using it today... from the comfort of your home or office.
Countless people have spent thousands of dollars to learn these NLP techniques in a live setting. But that's no longer the only option.

Unless you actually enjoy overpaying to be entertained by a celebrity in a hectic venue… and forgetting 95% of what you heard by the next day. If you actually heard it all over the deafening chaos.

Now you can learn every element of the program right in the comfort of your home… at your own speed… in your car… at the gym… or anywhere that is convenient for you.

Listen to the course all you want, as many times as you want…

Here's A Complete Breakdown Of This Amazing Course So You Can See The Immense Value You're Getting…

Just imagine what it will do for your life.


You will begin by discovering...

  • The "Big Picture" of NLP and how you can use it to empower your life
  • How to influence your subconscious mind for greater results
  • How to quickly change your "Internal Point of View" to control the suggestions you give to your unconscious mind
  • Why our brains delete 99% of the information that comes into our awareness and how to BENEFIT from this phenomenon
  • The role your internal mindset plays with your physical health (if you find yourself getting sick a lot then you must listen to this!)
  • The simple trick that NLP masters know to make every NLP technique work even more effectively



You Will Learn...

  • How to set irresistible goals that produce the kind of results you want
  • The simple 30-second technique that will enable you to instantly change your physical state (professional athletes use this all the time to keep them on top of their game)
  • How you can coach others to create excellent behavior by helping them making two small mindset-tweaks
  • Why eliminating negative "self talk" is often not enough to combat success sabotage (and the simple tricks to make sure you stop preventing your success)
  • How the techniques of NLP were developed and why they can be applied perfectly for coaching, family therapy, sales, rapport, creativity and more…
  • The 5 principles for success: learn how to change your behavior to produce the results you want
  • Simple changes you can make with your physiology to make you feel more energized
  • Ensure you have a clear plan of action by following "The 9 keys to an achievable outcome"



You Will Learn...

  • To "filter your reality" in an empowering way by adopting a set of useful beliefs
  • The most important belief you must have when coaching clients or using NLP with others (This will instantly transform your "inner game" and enhance your results with using NLP)
  • NLP techniques to have more friendships, be liked by more people, and attract vibrant relationships
  • How to silence that negative voice in the back of your head that makes you second-guess your intuition
  • How to accomplish remarkable goals by adopting the same mindset as Thomas Edison
  • Why most relationships flounder because of poor communication (and what you need to know to stop being a victim)
  • Why the subconscious mind is the key to becoming a master of influence
  • 3 Simple insights that will help you to become healthier and have more energy (and how to program your body to do it while you sleep)
  • Learn how to use "Negative Commands" to help others get past their obstacles



You Will Learn...

  • The secrets of rapid rapport with anyone you meet(even if they're perfect stranfers)
  • What Secret Service agents use to know if someone is lying (and how you can learn to do the same)
  • The 5 "Calibration Cues" to look for when talking to someone so that you can evaluate their behavior effectively
  • Body Language and why the majority of "experts" are wrong (and what you can do to avoid common body language mistakes)
  • How to properly interpret someone's body language (many of the so-called "experts" get this wrong!)
  • How to communicate directly to someone's subconscious without saying a word
  • The common mistakes to avoid that will completely break the rapport you've built with someone
  • Rapport Secret #1 – This is a goldmine for anyone in sales (your prospects will instantly feel like they have known you forever!)
  • Rapport Secret #2 – Synchronize your breathing with individuals or large groups of people to create massive rapport (3 tips on how to make this automatic)
  • Rapport Secret #3 – How to build rapport over the phone (this is much easier than you might think)
  • Rapport Secret #4 – 4 signs to watch for to know for certain that you have built enough rapport with someone
  • Rapport Secret #5 – The one situation where you should never gain rapport with someone
  • BONUS: A simple questionnaire to determine how you communicate and learn!



You Will Learn...

  • How you learn the best (do you learn better by sight, sound or feeling? We will walk you through a simple process so you know for certain)
  • 4 powerful sales scripts to use depending on the type of person you are selling to
  • "Slow Talkers" – connect with this type of communicator effectively by understanding how they think
  • "Fast Talkers" – (learn what is going on inside their head, and what you can do to connect with them)
  • The power word "Cheat Sheet" – a simple breakdown of words you should know to communicate most effectively (most people are only speaking effectively to ¼ of people)
  • "Intonation Patterns" – learn the most powerful pattern for persuasive speech (top sales people do this instinctively and it only takes seconds to learn)
  • "Eye Patterns" – Know how someone is thinking just by watching how they move their eyes
  • The one test that you need to know to make sure you are using the power of eye patterns effectively



You Will Learn...

  • How to become totally motivated no matter what state you're presently in (this technique is so simple you will soon be using it every day)
  • Isolate the triggers that can instantly make you or your clients motivated (do this one thing and watch your company's productivity soar)
  • The simple trick that will give you an instant boost of motivation, happiness or energy
  • "Swish Patterns" and how to use this simple process to eliminate bad habits and create momentum for a compelling future
  • End negative patterns and how to open up new pathways for your life
  • How to use the "Like-to-Dislike Script" – to give up foods that are unhealthy for you
  • "Dissociative Technique" – use it to mediate conflicts and achieve swift resolutions (this is a must if you are a parent, coach or manager)



You Will Learn...

  • The NLP use of language and how to communicate effectively
  • Stop "Autopilot Communication" – learn the power behind persuasive speech
  • "The Agreement Frame" and two common phrases you must avoid or risk alienating the person you are speaking to
  • "The Purpose Frame" – use this phrase to stop wasting time and get down to business fast and effectively
  • "The What-If Frame" – A simple structure that opens up opportunities and turns objections into sales
  • How to use "Double Binds" to close more sales, and help others get what they want
  • "The Hierarchy of Ideas" – Use this powerful technique to negotiate effortlessly and reach agreement with anyone
  • How to avoid overwhelm and get more done in less time



You Will Learn...

  • How to communicate most effectively using NLP language patterns
  • Learn this type of "conversational judo" that is flexible with anyone you speak with
  • 19 proven-to-be-effective language patterns used by top sales professionals, negotiators and public speakers
  • How to spot someone who is trying to influence you unethically
  • The "Deep Structure" of communication – help others overcome mental barriers and create quick and lasting change with this simple set of questions
  • How to avoid the common communication problems cause by "Distortions, Deletions & Generalizations"



You Will Learn...

  • How to elicit powerful states instantly using "NLP Anchoring"
  • How to stop feeling "stuck" using the "NLP Collapse Anchoring" technique
  • Learn how professional speakers eliminate stage fright by convincing their body to feel confident and comfortable while on stage
  • The 5 keys to anchoroing you must know (use these steps to make the anchors you set elicit powerful, vivid emotions quickly and easily)
  • How to use anchoring with your coaching clients for maximum effectiveness
  • Learn the "NLP Chaining Anchors" technique to avoid procrastination and become more productive
  • "Physiology of Excellence - be in control of your state no matter what is going on around you



You Will Learn...

  • "Strategies" – uncover the subconscious "programs" that people run subconsciously
  • How to replicate the processes you have used to become successful in one area of your life and apply it to other areas
  • Develop habits that help you reach your goals by understanding NLP Strategies
  • How to become a more effective teacher, coach, or business professional by understanding what makes other people take action
  • How to change unwanted behaviors by changing your internal mindset
  • How to create effective strategies to become more productive



You Will Learn...

  • Make problems and objections disappear using "Reframing"
  • How to overcome common sales objections by using effective NLP reframing techniques
  • How to change "Limiting Beliefs" that have prevented you from reaching your goals
  • Two easy-to-learn questions that will help you use reframesin almost any context
  • How to help eliminate a major soruce of conflict's in people's by listening to key pharases the use in converstaion
  • How to change your though procecess you think positevely



You Will Learn...

  • "Parts Integration" – How you can use this incredible technique to identify and eliminate conflict in your life
  • The 9 steps to follow for a successful and empowering parts integration
  • Fulfill your highest intention and purpose (stop getting in your own way with this NLP technique)
  • The one question you must ask your client before starting a parts integration (use this so you know you are tackling the real issue)
  • Program your subconscious mind by using metaphors



In this session you will learn…

  • How to integrate all the information from the Learn NLP At Home program at the subconcscious level
  • How to influence your subconscious mind to attract strong, empowering relationships
  • Deep inner motivation to help you take action and find your true fulfillment
  • Subconscious affirmations to have a healthy, happy body
  • To recall all the information you learned throughout this course more easily



You Will Learn...

  • How to successfully use NLP techniques with other people using The NLP Model of Theraphy
  • Integrate this powerful information together and use it in your everyday life
  • How to use NLP and work with clients and colleagues
  • To create success in your life (no matter what your purpose)
  • The easiest method for mastering these NLP techniques (you will soon be integrating this knowledge in your life effortlessly!)
  • How to feel confident and knowledgeable about using your new NLP skills (with clients, in business, relationships and for your own personal development)



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This workbook is the perfect companion to the Learn NLP At Home course and is a must for:

Coaches, Parents, Managers, Teachers, Parents… and I could go on…

The workbook is packed with useful information and details the coaching method overview, common pitfalls to avoid, and the process of "self-coaching."



In this hour long interview, I speak with Life Coach Nancy Lubin on five simple excercises that you can use to eliminate stress! And the best part? Each one takes less than ONE MINUTE to do! After listening to this interview you will never have to deal with stress overtaking your life and preventing you from getting what you truly want!



Whether you have been married for decades or are fresh to the dating pool, you absolutely must listen to this incredible interview I did with relationship and dating coach Ryan de Priest. In this hour-long interview you will learn…

  • How beliefs and values shape your relationships
  • 4 Simple steps to meeting new people
  • Self Esteem Vs. Self Confidence (and what you should really focus on)
  • How to get off the emotional rollercoaster
  • How to quickly build deep and lasting connections



In this special report you will learn…

  • 4 Simple NLP techniques you can use in your business to generate more revenue with less effort
  • The #1 question to use in ANY sales situation (use this to build a connection with your client so they keep coming back to do business with you!)
  • The 6 Word Phrase That Gets Prospects Off "The Fence" and Transforms Them From "Just Browsing" To BUYING
  • How to "Connect The Dots" so you are able to charge more for your products and services



In this special report you will learn...

  • 4 Simple NLP techniques you can use in your business to generate more revenue with less effort
  • The #1 question to use in ANY sales situation (use this to build a connection with your client so they keep coming back to do business with you!)
  • The 6 Word Phrase That Gets Prospects Off "The Fence" and transforms Them From "just browsing" To buying
  • How to "connect the dots" so you are able to charge more for your products and services



With the Success Library you will have instant access to some of the best books ever written in the field of personal development. Included are:

  • "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill
  • "The Science Of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles
  • "The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism" by Theron Q. Dumont


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"Learning NLP At Home Inspires You To Achieve Excellence!"


Learning NLP at Home inspires you to achieve excellence!

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Investing in this product and utilizing this program, with an open state of mind, will work wonders! NLP is riveting, interesting, and fascinating! Thanks Tim!"
-Matthew H.

"I'm Using NLP Every Day Now to Gain Insight Into Myself and Others…"

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The Rapid NLP program is fantastic. I'm using NLP every day now to gain insight into myself and others.

The subconscious mind presuppositions were very enlightening, and I am gaining insight into people by reading their gestures, eye patterns, etc..

Thanks for a great program!"
-Paul Nabors
Big Spring, Texas

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"Hello Tim,

After taking time to read about the Learn NLP At Home program, I knew it was going to be a great tool. I wanted an MP3 course that I could take on the go and you provided exactly what was missing from the other books and programs.

I was particularly grateful for the sections on how to deal with nit-pickers. With this knowledge I am better equipped to turn resistance into assistance in these common sales situations!

Thanks for a wonderful and fast start to my NLP learning!"

"…This Program is Far and Away the Best…"

"I have a great deal of NLP material, including other audio programs, but this program is far and away the best for clearly introducing material at the practitioner level. Very well presented and professional."

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Sair Centre of Learning

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What I really liked about your Learn NLP at Home program is the breadth of coverage of NLP principles and techniques.

I have received introductory NLP training before, and would like to do more advanced training in the future, but your course is wonderful in that it gives good clear coverage of NLP practitioner-level principles and tools at a fraction of the usual cost.

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Important Disclaimer: is an independent NLP coaching service who specializes in educating individuals how to integrate NLP into their life goals. All information on this site is intended for educational purposes only. Individual results may vary.