How It Works

The Learn Rapid NLP 3-Step Process:

At Learn Rapid we want you to start seeing results so fast so we designed a simple 3-step outline you can follow to start using these techniques.

STEP # 1

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STEP # 2

Learn NLP At Your Own
Pace With Our Rapid NLP
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STEP # 3

Get Personalized
Advanced NLP Training

Register for your free 25-minute
NLP Coaching Strategy Session and work one-on-one with a Rapid NLP
Results Coach.

The Learn NLP At Home Course - How It Works

The Learn NLP At Home Course is a 14-session recorded audio program and 90-page manual covering principles from the "Practitioner Level" of NLP.

You can purchase the course from our website at:

Please note that this course is a digital download program only, so nothing is shipped in the mail. This means you can access all the resources immediately after checkout without having to pay for shipping charges.

The program comes with a 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if any time within 60-days of your purchase you are unhappy with the program, please send an email to and you can request a full refund - no questions asked.

"Free 25-Minute NLP Coaching Strategy Session" - How it Works

You're already familiar with the concept of coaching as it applies to prefessional sports. Behind every National sports and Olympic athelete is a coach working to channel raw talent into a winning edge.

Now you can work with an experienced NLP Results Coach to catapult your success to the next level.

We work with you to:

  • Reach challenging goals by creating laser-like focus
  • Execute a precise plan of action
  • Remove self-created limitations and roadblocks
  • Implement effective NLP techniques and strategies
  • Create systems to hold yourself accountable

This is a free service and no purchase is necessary
Visit to register today.


"Learning NLP At Home Inspires You To Achieve Excellence!"


Learning NLP at Home inspires you to achieve excellence!

I am currently searching excellence and this process will become a lifelong goal! I am excited to use these techniques, strategies, and systems to achieve my outcomes in life!

Investing in this product and utilizing this program, with an open state of mind, will work wonders! NLP is riveting, interesting, and fascinating! Thanks Tim!"
-Matthew H.

"I'm Using NLP Every Day Now to Gain Insight Into Myself and Others…"

"Dear Tim,

The Rapid NLP program is fantastic. I'm using NLP every day now to gain insight into myself and others.

The subconscious mind presuppositions were very enlightening, and I am gaining insight into people by reading their gestures, eye patterns, etc..

Thanks for a great program!"
-Paul Nabors
Big Spring, Texas


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